Wednesday, February 17, 2010

science fair scam.

yesterday afternoon, i got a call from my brother. i should have known something was up.
he was calling to ask what i would get him if he did well enough in yesterdays science fair to go to the state competition. he told me it was in the sisters handbook that it was job to bet against his academic success. my 'sisterly duty' i believe it was called. i should have known something was up.
we agreed that five dollars would be a fair bet. he hung up quickly, promising to call me back after the results of the judging were in. i should have known something was up.
shortly after that conversation, my dad texted me to say they were waiting to find out whether alex got first or second after which he would go to states. turns out, there were only two kids in his division and they had known for two weeks that they were both going to states regardless of their scores yesterday.
i should have known.
this morning, i put five dollars in an envelope and dropped it in the mail on my way to work. if mailing 500 pennies wouldnt cost more to send than what theyre worth, i would have done that. little punk. ticket scalper. but really i guess i only have myself to blame.
i should have known.


Minnie said...

wonder if he was able to scam his other 2 sisters as well??

Anonymous said...

Apparently, I was entering the wrong science fair divisions all along... I never even made it to the county fair. GO ALEX!!!