Wednesday, September 8, 2010

five squared.

i dropped my waterbottle this morning as i was getting into the car, simultaneously scratching the bottle and denting part of the car. the post office was not open when it said it would be. i got stuck behind the garbage truck. my ipod is dead. and i am letting a sidewalk stress me out. my bank won't let me access my online account cuz they made me change my password last week and now i cant remember it. i keep remembering how much i have to do and how much time i dont have to do it.
i get my flu shot today. i have my consultation with the people at the Farm about the details of the wedding. i have time this afternoon to order the cake and do some other wedding planning stuffs. i might even get to go to the library and use their internets for a little bit. i might buy paint for our bathroom. i might finish the cupboards in the kitchen so i can finally really start unpackign stuff. i am no longer sleeping in the basement.
life isnt all that bad today.
the wind banged my car door into a beater car in the walmart parking lot, incurring a minor scratch and denting it again. crickets have found a way into my house. my tissue paper project has the potential to take up the rest of my wedding planning time. BUT i found all the glassware for my centerpieces for less than $1 per piece, i killed two crickets and chased one back outside, and the tissue paper project is turning out amazingly well. still, life isnt all that bad.

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Abi said...

you're moving up in the world. (literally) Glad to hear that the rooms are 'done'. :)