Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the plan.

Wednesday: write checks, pack for weekend, pack for honeymoon, finish up centerpieces, work on pomanders, finalize weekend schedule, gather set up/clean up crew.
Thursday: public meeting all evening in Montrose, PA (north of Scranton!) assemble programs in the car.
Friday: rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party.
Saturday: finish pomanders and any other last minute stuff, bridge bust in Columbia.
Sunday: GET MARRIED!!!

^^ as of yesterday, this was the plan. i have already changed it at least four times, and it will probably change a few more times in the next four days. the encouraging thing is that the end result is the same, no matter how i get there or how many of the little details that are stressing me out right now are actually done when i get there. God is good, all the time.


Miss Brenda said...

You need a better plan. I am right on schedule. Today I panic. Tomorrow I fly. Can't wait!!

Miss Brenda said...

Somewhere in there I probably should pack...

Miss Brenda said...

Oh, and did I forget to put 'alter dress' on the list?