Thursday, September 9, 2010

tick, tock. tick, tock.

(I should have known that this is what would come up when i googled '24.')

I have decided that i definately do not need a twitter account. While yes, i do have moments in my life when i would like an instant blogger to immediately record the thought or experience that i am having at that very second, but most of the time the desire to share the mundane details or minor epiphanies of my day-to-day life is satisfied with an email or text message to one or two people who i know will appreciate it most. I have no real need to make public knowledge the play-by-play details of my day. cuz really, are there that many people in the world who would be interested enough to follow me? would i even update it enough to make it worthwhile? or would it become like just another facebook status which gets changed about once a week (if i'm really keeping up with it that is)
i think i'll stick with my current method. i hope that works for you.

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