Monday, October 25, 2010

a prayer.

in the days and weeks to come...

...may i not lose sight of the great adventure that is life.
...may the every day grind not beat me down with its repetetive drone of
   minutes and moments.
...may those moments not go unnoticed as i wait for the 'next big thing.'
...may i treasure every weeknight dinner at home with my husband,
   whether it be a frozen pizza or a culinary masterpiece.
...may dishes and laundry not be enough to overwhelm me.
...may i not become stressed just thinking about making a grocery trip.
...may every knowing look, smile, hug, kiss, and hand-in-hand walk make
   me smile uncontrollably like it did the first time.
...may my focus be on the joy of the moment rather than the multitude of
   undone to-do's around me.
...may every miniscule deviation from 'the plan' not make me dissolve.
...may i present myself as the strong, capable woman that i actually am
   rather than the whiny, needy girl i have been lately.
...may i be striving not to be perfection, but rather to be an enjoyable
   person to be around.
...may i always remember that every day that begins and ends with me
   being married is another exciting part of the adventure.

and may i please, Please, PLEASE just get out of this funk i've been in for the past few days?

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Miss Brenda said...

I pray these things for you. I love you.