Wednesday, October 13, 2010

we can do stuff!

ok, so call us naieve newlyweds if you must, but Mark and I are pretty excited about the usually boring everyday kind of living stuff that we've been getting to do together since we got back from the honeymoon. we've made dinner together (so what if it was only Hamburger Helper?) gone grocery shopping, and done laundry and ironing, all of which made us each marvel at one time or another, "Hey! This is the first time that we're **insert normally mundane activity here** as a married couple!" who would have thought that putting on one more ring could make me excited to pack two lunches every morning when i used to dread having to even pack one?

So yesterday when i got home in a rather foul mood after a less than productive day working on the job from Hades, and finding out that my handsfree phone device doesnt like my new phone, and realizing after driving around for two days with the 'low tire pressure' warning light lit on the dashboard that i must really have low tire pressure and its not just confused (after all these are the same dashboard warning lights that tell me that a half-gallon of milk sitting on my passenger seat needs to buckle up) i was a little worried that all of the badness of the mundane would finally outweigh the awesomeness of getting to deal with it as a married couple. but have no fear! enter awesome husband in a good mood who will hug and kiss me, check all my tire pressures to figure out which one is low, help me to figure out how to take off the hubcap so i can retrieve the air valve lid that i dropped into the rim, not freak out when he finds out his little air compressor no longer works (not even to blow fruit flies off the dresser...) take a break to mow the grass and eat dinner, go with me to the gas station to put air in the tire to just the right pressure, help me search the driveway for the OTHER valve lid we dropped, and not laugh at me when, upon finding said lid, i proceeded to drop it back between the rim and the hub cap.

it felt pretty awesome to do all that stuff. its cool that we are capable of doing things like that without freaking out or needing to call anyone for help. its nice to have someone to do those things with.

thank you to  my husband who rescued the evening from a foul mood and turned it into a good one.

(bungee, bungee, bungie wungie fungie, here we go bungee - come on!)

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Abi said...

I feel obsolete... no more calls from you on bad days, no more freaking out and calling me... I've been replaced? :(
Really I am super happy that you are enjoying laundry and lunches, I have some ironing that you can do... bring Mark! :)