Saturday, March 26, 2011

ever gone to kohl's three times in one day...

...and not spent any money?

i got this adorable outfit for my birthday.

unfortunately it was the wrong size, so i had to take it back and exchange it for the right size. i went to the new kohl's that is close to my house, but they did not have the sweater in the size that i wanted, so the nice girl at the service desk exchanged the tank top for me and called over to the other kohl's down the road to check their inventory, since we were heading in that direction anyway. the other kohl's said they did not have the sweater, but the nice girl at the service desk said they were probably just too busy to really check.

we went to the other kohl's. we found the sweater. in the right size. we happily exchanged it with the help of a less than happy and/or helpful girl at the service desk, and brought it home. i was so excited to wear my new birthday sweater to church tomorrow. and then i saw this:

turns out the less than happy and/or helpful girl at the service desk just really wanted us to make a THIRD trip to kohl's today. sigh.


Brenda's Man said...

Well at least its less than two hours away! Be sure to send a picture of you in your new outfit!

Minnie said...

I thinks I have been to Kohls 3 times in 1 day, but I always spend money but I also SAVE so much more. Heading there today before my 2-$10 off coupons and additional 30% expire!! There is a pair of Nike sneakers with my name written all over them!