Saturday, March 5, 2011

my model hubband.

over Presidents Day Weekend, i went shopping. i cant really remember the last time i went shopping for something other than groceries and shampoo (part of me wants to say LAST presidents day weekend? but that just cant be right... can it?) so this was a pretty grand adventure for me. like any good Havener girl, i shopped the clearance racks and got an extra 30% off and then threw a little party for myself at the cash register as i realized exactly how much i was SAVING on new winter jackets and work shirts for both me and my husband, who of course was much more interested in knowing how much i SPENT in order to save that much, but was also surprisingly willing to model a few of my first ever clothing-purchases-for-a-boy, mannequin-style.

we like to call this look 'lumberjack-chic'

yes, my hubband decided to grow a beard this winter (with my permission). a recent acquisition of a beard trimmer and a haircut add a little bit of polish to his overall style and makes everyone much happier about the extra face-hair.


Abi said...

Every time I see that no one has commented on this I feel like maybe I have something to say.. then I realize I don't really. Just that he kinda reminds me of Justin Timberlake?

the indians and pirates said...

Ah, the beards. :)