Monday, March 14, 2011

where exactly?

i was planning on blogging about my amazing birthday weekend with my BFITW, or my amazing hubband, or the dinner i made tonight... and then something happened to change all my plans - i got a song stuck in my head.

it all started with a shirt. a tour du bridge shirt. the one from three years ago when we biked through the wildlife refuge in Maryland. you know, the one DOWN BY THE BAY.

and that was all it took. it was in my head, and periodically leaking out of me. there were frogs riding hogs, and bears combing their hair, and streets made of meat, and i even asked Mark if i could grow watermelons in Maryland, specifically near the Chesapeake, just to verify that such a place could really exist.

but this conversation just kills me...

Me: did you ever see a llama wearing pajamas?
Mark: where exactly?
Me: DOWN BY THE BAY!! down by the BAY where the watermelons GROW back to my HOME i dare not GO for if i DO my hubband will say.... (points to Mark)
Mark: umm.... uh.... what?
Me: (whispers) this is your part
Mark: oh ok. did you ever see a zebra petting an ostrich?
Me: **facepalm**  wrong.
Mark: how so? what you said was just as ridiculous...
Me: but mine rhymed... have you never heard this song?
Mark: i just thought it would be funny... can you imagine a zebra trying to pet an ostrich? (cracks up laughing and leaves the room)

well the ostrich doesn't seems too happy about it...


Miss Brenda said...

Rode my bike on Saturday. And it's an off year. Thanks for making me laugh. You're the best.

Abi said...

tell the truth - did you google "Zebra petting ostrich"?

Brenda's Man said...

OK I really can't wait to see you two this summer! Love you both!