Thursday, March 17, 2011

when the wife is away...

... the hubband will (apparently) rearrange the basement!!!

when i left for the weekend, our basement looked approximately like this:

(aka exactly how its looked since we moved in)

and when i came home from the weekend, the basement looked like this!!! yay!!!

Mark says i can spraypaint the furniture any color i want! since its not particularly nice stuff that the previous homeowner just left behind and he might even let me polka-dot it! we're going to try to stay away from red and green (since we've already got plenty of that going on in this space) so i am leaning towards a yellow bookshelf with a little blue chest of drawers. ive also been debating trying to incorporate some orange... perhaps with a lamp on the drawers?

thoughts? opinions? suggestions? speak up quick though cuz as long as its nice this weekend we've got ourselves a project!

it was a beautiful weekend, and so we painted!!! too bad no one out there in the internets had any specific input, so i will be forced to take all creative color choice credit. (i cant take ALL the credit though, cuz the hubband was immensely helpful and patient in the actual painting process) we still have a little bit of clear coat to finish, but pictures will be posted of the final product, and it will be so amazing you will wish you were able to say 'hey i helped with that!'

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Brenda's Man said...

Your mother loves to paint things, be sure to get her opinion