Friday, September 16, 2011

happy independence day! Mexico, that is.

to celebrate, i made chicken fajitas for dinner. i was kind of excited to try a recipe for fajita seasoning that a friend of mine had given me last winter, but it wasn't until i got home from work that i realized i did not have all the spices i needed. so, time to improvise!

i sauteed some onion and an orange bell pepper in a little bit of olive oil, until they started to get soft and a little brown around the edges.

then i cooked up some strips of chicken in a little more olive oil, until they were cooked through and a nice golden brown color on the outside.

then instead of the fajita seasoning i was planning on making, i added part of a package of taco seasoning - i just added some water and kind of sprinkled the seasoning on until the meat looked seasoned enough. then i added the onion and peppers back in to heat it all up again together and viola! fajitas.

it only took me about 20 minutes to make this whole dinner. and Mark said it was really good, so i'll just go ahead and call this quick, easy meal a definite win!

hope you all had a happy Mexican Independence Day, and have a great weekend!

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