Friday, September 9, 2011

insert interesting post title here.

it's been almost a full week since i've updated at all, so i feel like i should say something here. but the thing is, i don't feel like i have anything to really say. at least, not anything that anyone else would find extremely interesting, or funny, or worth writing and/or reading about.

i could default to the weather, and gripe and complain about the non-stop rain we've been having here on the east coast thanks to a crazy confluence of hurricanes and tropical storms. but the rain hasn't really affected us personally. yet. (knock on wood, grab a lucky rabbit's foot, and search frantically for a four leaf clover) our basement is dry. we don't live near a creek. our road isn't closed. we can still get to work. school closings dont affect us. we haven't been evacuated. all the trees are still standing in our yard. the only inconvenience we've suffered was Mark's cancelled softball game on Tuesday and the knowledge that we'll probably have to mow our grass twice next week once this all dries up and the sun comes back out. so yeah, not so much to say about the weather.

i guess i could talk about work a little, and how an unexpected power outage on Tuesday led to me having most of a day off, which led me to working 9-hr days the rest of this pay period to make up the glorious extra hours i spent at home, except that i know a few people at work who read this so i wouldnt want to do any sort of complaining or whining that might in any way endanger my job. because i like it. so yeah, no discussions of work here.

i guess i could tell you about the progress we're making in the fireplace-room-door-fixing process, (and by we i mean Mark) but i kind of want to save that so it can have its own post once they're done. you know, to try and keep the total number of posts about the work we're doing in that room down below 30 or so. so yeah, forget that i mentioned the fireplace room.

of course, i could always lament my lack of general housekeeping abilities and regale you with anecdotes about how i spent all day Tuesday cleaning my house, all day Wednesday messing it up again, and the rest of the week not doing a single lick of housework. but then you would all know that my kitchen sink is full of dishes, i didn't wash the ravioli pot from last night, my bathrooms are a disgrace, and you don't even want to know how many hours i spent just sitting on the couch watching bad tv this week. but i can't mention any of that because then my mom will worry about me. so yeah, not so much interesting happening in my day to day life.

but wait, this just in! i just got back from a quick Sheetz run for Friday lunch and i would just not be a good blogger if i didn't share with you the fact that i totally got hit on by a stranger at the traffic light. he was sitting in a green subaru at the red light in front of me, waiting to turn left, when i noticed he was looking at me in his rearview mirror. and then he waggled his eyebrows at me! i'm not really sure what he was expecting from me, so i shot him a "seriously?" look. he responded with a look of his own that i interpreted to mean "yeeahhh, you know it" and he waggled his eyebrows again! this silent exchange continued for way too long, partly because i didn't want to just take the easy way out and wave my ring in his face, and partly because i was having a lot of fun giggling at his desperation. the icing on the cake was when he stalled out when the light finally changed because he was so engrossed in our "conversation," and then sped away to escape the uncontrollable laughter that exploded out of me at his expense. i was just really glad that he was not also on his way to Sheetz. that could have been awkward.

Dear Dark-Haired Stranger at the Red Light -
thank you for making my day, and for giving me something interesting to blog about. sorry to disappoint you, but i'm happily married. and even if i wasn't, you still would not have gotten my number. your choice of location for picking up women makes you seem desperate and awkward. you might want to rethink that for the future.
Good Luck with That,

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Miss Brenda said...

The state of your bathrooms do not concern me. That you spend enough time at stop lights to even notice waggling eyebrows does. I think you need to get thyself to Wyoming.