Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hey, i put some new shoes on.

so i mentioned that as part of my weekend shopping spree that i picked up a pair of shoes for myself. now, you have to promise not to laugh at me before i tell you anything else about them. promise? pinky swear? ok.
well, they're those toning kind of shoes - you know, the ones that will give you better legs and a nicer butt just by lacing them up. stop laughing right now or i'll break your pinkies! 'cause they're not like the ones with the giant rocker on the bottom or even the balance ball inspired ones. in fact, if the box hadn't told me they were the special toning shoes i might not have known it because they're actually pretty cute and normal-looking. 

i wore them for the first time to jazzercise last night. ok seriously, enough with the giggles its a really good and fun workout! i could feel a difference in my legs, but i wasnt entirely sure if that was a good or a bad thing. i guess the good news is that i could still walk when i woke up this morning, but it kind of felt sometimes that the shoes just didn't fit quite right and i was a little off-balance trying to make up for the extra bounce in the sole. but maybe that's just how the shoes are supposed to work. i guess i'll have to wear them a few more times to know for sure. i suspect that these shoes will either give me really nice legs, or make them fall off, and i'm wierdly excited to find out which it will be!


Abi said...

kind of excited about them too... keep us updated on your quest for no work, buns of steel... ;)

Kati said...

No lie, I have these. And my mom liked them and bought a pair, and so did my aunt. I now wear them to waitress. My butt always hurts by the end of the day.

Miss Brenda said...

I have a pair of melt your butt off shoes too. Evidently they only work if you move around with them on.