Tuesday, April 10, 2012

chicks in the mail.

i dont get a whole lot of exciting mail at my house. unless i've ordered something online, i usually only ever find an assortment of newspapers and bills when i open my mailbox. so it was a great fun surprise to find this little piece of happy that the mailman brought me over the weekend.

yes, that is a jumbo-sized plastic easter egg wrapped in packing tape. who knew you could mail things like that without a box?!? want to see what was packed inside? of course you do.

how. stinking. cute. its a little chick dressed up in her Easter best! and she even had enough room to bring us some Easter treats!

there were two packs of skittles and a note from the masterminds behind this eggs-citing postal adventure crammed into that plastic egg with the cutest poofiest chick i've ever seen. i think i was supposed to share the skittles with the hubs, but i ended up just eating both packs instead. i'm a good wife like that. also, i'm beginning to wonder what other kinds of random things the post office will be willing to ship as packages... oh the possibilities!

this great mailbox fun came to us courtesy of my sister and her kids. i think they're fantastic... wouldnt you agree?

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