Monday, April 2, 2012

meal plan monday: april 2.

too tired today to post anything real thanks to a lazy weekend filled with a combination of staying up too late, spraypaint, hanging out with good friends, lots of fun, video games, and even wrestlemania. (yes, really) its all i can do right now to wrangle my sleepy little brain cells long enough to hash out a meal plan and a grocery list. and at the rate i'm going, it will be a small miracle if we wind up eating anything other than macaroni and cheese all week.

actually now that i think about it, that doesnt really sound all that bad...

Monday: macaroni and cheese.
Tuesday: chicken quesadillas.
Wednesday: grilled chicken salad.
Thursday: zucchini, blackbean, and rice skillet. (recipe)
Friday: fish, rice, and asparagus.
Saturday: soup from a can. and hard-boiled eggs. dyed, of course.
Sunday: Easter deliciousness with the in-laws.

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Minnie said...

Love Thurs. menu-I have made that recipe twice in the past week. Its great for lunch the next day. Yummy! Gotta love Pinterest.