Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a story about the Goob.

internets, i would like you to meet my baby brother, the Goob.

some things you should know about him: Goob is short for Goober which is another name for a peanut and we've been calling him this for i can't even remember how long. he's turning 16 this month. he is approximately 8-bajillion feet tall and impossibly skinny. he likes video games. he is super smart and absolutely hilarious. i love him to death. even though he spent the first few years of his life trying to ruin mine.

ok so it might seem like that last one is a slight exaggeration, but before you cast your judgement let me assure you that i have plenty of stories to back me up. but for time's sake, (and also because i'm TOTALLY OVER that one time he stuck his fingers in every little cake for my 5th grade birthday tea party) i'm just going to share one story today.

when i was in middle school, i built a little bench in woodshop. i was so stinking proud of that thing, and i was happy to let my mom borrow it to use in the kitchen to reach things in tall cupboards and to keep the broken dishwasher door from opening too far. it was perfect. until the Goob got a hold of it one day and used it to work on his fine motor skills, by hammering various nails and screws into its previously perfect surface. and THEN, years later when i left for college the Goob convinced our parents to get a puppy, who used the corners of my previously perfect bench as a chew toy. sigh.

after years of abuse, i finally reclaimed my bench and its been living in the kitchen of my house, helping me reach things in the tall cupboards. here's what it looked like as of last week

and knowing what a big difference a little spraypaint can make, i decided that after over 10 years it was high time that this little bench got a makeover. viola! a whole new turqouise look for this trooper of a bench!

purty, huh? there wasn't really anything i could do about the dog-chewed corners, but i did take some wood-filler to all those nail holes in the top to make it seem a little more like-new and a little less like it was beat up by my baby brother a bunch of years ago. i guess that means i'm over it? yeah, lets go with that. love you Goob!


Brenda's Man said...

It looks beautiful as it did when it first came home! But then I wouldn't expect anything less. Just so you know, Alex hasn't touched many tools since then...I think it ruined him!
Love ya! OXOX

Anastasia said...

Actually, I think it started out "Booger" (because he was a snot) which was shortened to "Boog" after his 1st grade teacher looked at me funny that time I went to help with the Christmas party and called him Booger. and then Mom couldn't bring herself to call him Boog on her blog and reversed it to get "Goob". He'd probably prefer your version of things though...GIRL.

Also, Love the bench.

AmiDawn said...

Stas, you are so right!

Miss Brenda said...

I think you gave me that little bench for a gift. And I want it back.

Miss Brenda said...
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AmiDawn said...

sorry momma, i am pretty certain it was on loan, so you can't have it back. it looks way too good in my kitchen.