Friday, April 13, 2012

friday the thirteenth.

hey guys. so apparently its Friday the Thirteenth. according to wikipedia, its the first of three we'll have this year.

its a good thing i'm not superstitious to the point of not being able to get out of bed today. because (not to tempt fate or anything) i'm having a really good day so far. i'm wearing my new shoes to try and break them in a little before Europe, and i'm sitting in a new desk at work (just for today) because i get to spend the day learning and working in a new program... and as much as i would love to someday spend a whole day at home doing absolutely nothing, i wouldnt have gotten to do any of these new things if i were still in bed.

it's shaping up to be a gorgeous weekend here. i'm hoping to get some gardening and a little pre-vacation shopping done, and maybe even find time to (finally) repaint my toenails. cuz they're looking pretty sad right now.

anyone else have fun plans for their weekend? or want to help me dig around in my flowerbeds tomorrow? or want to come over and mow our grass for us? anyone? bueller?

a blurry cell phone pic of my new kicks. $30 at TJMaxx. as of lunchtime, they are already significantly more comfortable than when i put them on this morning and stumbled around the house like i had bricks tied to my feet. i am quickly falling in love with that store.


Anastasia said...

Good on you breaking in shoes, can we see a picture?
Gonna be lovely here too, we're helping Bradon and Emily move or i'd totally be all about helping you dig inthe dirt.
This afternoon I'm mowing our grass (i have a self-propelled mower!)you're on your own for that, jsut htink aobut my yard and it will make you feel better.
and maybe I'll plant my peas (GOT to get them in the ground!).
painting my toenails sounds good too. XOXO

Anastasia said...

Looking good!