Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

i know i told you all that i wasn't really decorating for halloween this year, and i honestly wasnt planning to. but then i went and threw together a halloween party over the weekend, and the occasion just begged for the addition of a few holiday-specific decorations. nothing really over the top, just some spooky towels in the kitchen, a few strobe lights in the dining room, and my halloween lights that mark lovingly strung in the front window for me.

as part of our party festivities, we told everyone to bring a pumpkin so that we could carve jack-o-lanterns! PS those pumpkin carving kits with the little pumpkin carving tools are my new favorite thing. SO much easier than trying to carve with big ole kitchen knives.  

of course, our party was a costume party. Mark dressed as Nick Markakis this year, (the Orioles right fielder) because the costume was easy and free. he already owned the jersey and hat, and when paired with his softball pants it all started to look really official. his distinguishing feature that proved he put at least a little thought into his costume was the ace bandage on his left hand, since it was a broken left thumb that put Nick on the disabled list at the end of the season. it's all about the details.

i went as a rock star this year, with the idea and costume stemming from my purchase of a pair of $4 sequined hot pants. i added some black tights, and then made my shirt using a cut up black t-shirt and some orange sequined fabric, all held together with some iron-on hem tape and a few safety pins. i accessorized with some bangle bracelets, giant earrings, the most blingy necklace i own, and a guitar-hero guitar. by far, my favorite part of this costume was my hair. sure, it wasnt quite the mohawk that i was going for, but it still came out pretty awesome. 

unfortunately, i dont have a good picture of my whole costume, or any pictures of anyone who came to the party, since my camera decided to die right after i took this picture and right before everyone started showing up. we partied the night away with Lady Gaga, Bane (the bad guy from Batman), a "cereal killer", a chick magnet, and Marty McFly. i really wish i had been able to get pictures of everybody, because we were a pretty good looking group. (i'm thinking of dressing up tonight to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, so maybe i still have a chance to capture a pic of my whole costume.)

 hope you all have a happy halloween!

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