Monday, October 15, 2012

meal plan monday: oct 15.

so apparently i only know how to make a handful of "healthy" meals, and its getting harder and harder to not just keep rotating through the same menu every week now that we're starting into week 5 of the program-that-shall-not-be-named. so for this week i kind of made a little bit of an effort to switch things up. it took me several HOURS to brainstorm enough meals for the week. and Sunday hardly even counts.

eating healthy is harder than some people make it out to be. especially when things like Monkey Bars exist in the world.

Monday: fish with corn and rice.
Tuesday: chicken enchilada soup. (recipe)
Wednesday: english muffin pizzas.
Thursday: breakfast for dinner. eggs and potatoes.
Friday: taco salad.
Saturday: spaghetti squash, chicken, and broccoli. (recipe)
Sunday: leftovers.

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