Thursday, October 11, 2012

dining room art.

anyone remember back in August when we got our new dining room table and chairs and i drooled all over them all over the internet and in the background of some of the pictures there were three blank canvasses that i had hung on the wall but didnt really have a plan for?

ok, how about in September when i previewed a little painting project i was working on? remember that? you might have already figured out that they were those dining room canvases, but if you didnt, now you know!

and today i get to show you what they look like all done and up on the wall!

arent they fun? they werent even all that hard to do. after i painted the backgrounds, i found a silverware image online that i printed to size and used as a general guide for tracing the shapes. once i had the shape i liked, i cut a template of each piece out of a cereal box. i traced them onto the canvases, and then filled in the shapes with white paint. so why did it take me so long to finish them? well that probably had a lot to do with the fact that it took FOUR COATS of white paint until i could no longer see the background through the white. i guess thats what i get for using such bold colors.

i am really happy with how these turned out, but there are some days when i stare at them too long and the what-ifs start... what if the colors were more muted? what if the silverware was more stylized? what if i had actually managed to hang them all level? what if i dont like them after a while?

well, the great thing about this project is that i can change it whenever i want to whatever i want. they're just hung on command hooks, so i can take them down whenever i want. and i can always paint over them if i feel so inclined in the future, because its just paint.

but for now, they're perfect. they are bold and fun and i made them myself and they make me smile, and most importantly they are FINISHED which is such a simple thing but such a great joy. cuz let me just tell you, fork tines are zero fun to paint. zero.

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