Monday, November 12, 2012

meal plan monday: nov 12.

whats this? another boring, pictureless, lame post about boring, lame, pictureless meals? yes. yes it is. and you know what? i dont even care today. today, i just want to give up. i thought this whole meal-planning thing would get easier with time. you know, practice makes perfect right? well i've been planning a weekly menu for the past tenandahalf months and it has not gotten any easier for me to come up with tasty, healthy, EASY meal ideas than it was at the very beginning.

maybe i'm thinking too hard? maybe i'm limiting myself with a too-strict definition of what is healthy? maybe i just haven't gotten organized yet? maybe i just really really dont want to go to the grocery store again? i'm not exactly sure. but what i do know is that its kind of a small miracle that i came up with anything at all for this week's meals.

Monday: citrus herb chicken and roasted potatoes.
Tuesday: crock pot chicken noodle soup. (recipe)
Wednesday: tilapia with rice and a veggie.
Thursday: veggie omelettes.
Friday: i declare a date night.
Saturday: crock pot meatball subs. (recipe)
Sunday: chicken salad.  (recipe-ish)

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