Monday, November 19, 2012

meal plan monday: thankful thankful thankful.

i had every intention of posting the countdown over the weekend... and then the weekend started flying by and i just... didnt.

so you get them now, just a couple days late, because it would make absolutely zero sense to jump straight from 6 days to 3(!) in our countdown. i dont want people to get the impression that i thought to myself "self, i'm going to start a countdown. i'm going to start it at 8 and then count down by 3's" as though that would be logical in any sense of the word. people dont need any more reasons to believe that i'm crazy. i'm too young to be taken away to the insane asylum, plus i'm really looking forward to thanksgiving with the fam this year and it really would be a shame to have to miss it.

speaking of thanksgiving, here are a few more things that i have been thankful for lately.

51. saturday mornings in bed until after the sun is way up.
52. shoeboxes packed full of fun and love.
53. that i am happy to be taking my holidays one at a time
54. new (to us) furniture.
55. uncles to help move said furniture.
56. slipcovers.
57. command hooks.
58. toilets that flush!!!
59. in-laws.
60. clean (and put away) laundry.
61. anticipation.
62. vaccuum cleaners.
63. a marriage that can withstand ugly rivalry games.
64. the home stretch of the bathroom project.
65. lawnmowers.

and just because this monday morning post that no one ever reads isnt quite long enough yet, here's my meal plan for this crazy awesome crazy week:

Monday: crock pot meatball sandwiches. (recipe)
Tuesday: chicken fried rice. (recipe)
Wednesday: breaded tilapia with rice.
Thursday: crock pot chili. (recipe)
Friday: Thanksgiving turducken and other various deliciousnesses plus
      piecaken for dessert.
Saturday: grilled chicken salad with fries.
Sunday/Monday: goin' to Gram's house.
Tuesday: let's eat out.

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