Friday, November 2, 2012

thankful in 2012.

1. step stools.
2. coffee creamer.
3. cell phones.
4. the ability to give.
5. friday phone dates.
6. forgiveness.
7. a warm house.
8. slippers.
9. my human alarm clock.
10. jeans on friday.

so: these first ten weren't super easy for me to come up with. i'm feeling a little conflicted about sharing my thanks today, because that part of my self that wants to please everyone and be open minded and politically correct doesn't want it to be seen as being too trivial. step stools and coffee creamer at the top of the list for this year? really? when so many people are thankful to have woken up this morning still breathing? well... yes.

the thing is, i am also thankful to be breathing today, but that wasnt the first thing that came to my mind as i started this list. i know in my heart that these lists aren't in order of importance, or by magnitude of my thankfulness, but i just have SO MUCH to be thankful for and i dont want to lose the feeling of gratitude at the little things like being able to help the hubs work on the bathroom ceiling because we own a step stool, or vanilla flavored coffee on a chilly morning in among the big things like life and love and health.

i might fall off that step stool tomorrow and curse its existence. but right here, right now, forever frozen in time and the internets, is proof that at one point i thought to myself "i am so glad to have that step stool in my life."

so at this point i guess it goes without saying that these november thankful lists that we do every year are not in any sort of meaningful order other than the random order my brain spits things out. so just keep that in mind as the month goes on so you are not tempted to become indignant that you all just got upstaged by a step stool.

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Miss Brenda said...

I so agree. I almost thought about erasing my first things, because God, family, and chocolate SHOULD be at the top of the list. But shoeboxes and knees made the first ten. Go figure.