Monday, February 18, 2013

meal plan monday: feb 18.

happy Monday y'all! i have absolutely nothing interesting to say today.

i guess i should probably mention something about my weekend - it was a good one. it was informative and productive and fun and frustrating and way too short. mark had to physically stop me from crawling back into bed this morning before work. too bad my company hates the presidents, otherwise i could have slept in today. (just kidding, my company is wonderful and loves america. please dont fire me!)

also, its week two of meal planning via the board i made last weekend and i still love this. it took me all of 18 minutes last night to pick out meals for this week, rearrange the board, and make my grocery list. there are still a few kinks to work out in the system, but the basics are all there, and they are awesome.

so without further boring, rambling ado: this weeks plan:

Monday: chicken parmesan with spaghetti. (recipe-ish)
Tuesday: chicken fried rice. (recipe)
Wednesday: crock pot chicken noodle soup. (recipe)
Thursday: frozen raviolis.
Friday: Meg's fish packets with veggies and rice. (recipe)
Saturday: lazy lasagna.
Sunday: angel hair w/ zucchini & tomato. (recipe)

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