Monday, February 4, 2013

meal plan monday: feb 4.

thank you for all your great ideas and encouragement about this whole meal planning process thing. i still dont have it all figured out yet, but i do have a little bit of a direction, and i'm getting kind of excited about it again. i plan on starting to compile all my meal plans into one easily searchable document. i am going to try harder to better utilize my food board on pinterest. and over the weekend i started gathering ideas and materials for a little meal-plan board to hang in my kitchen and be cute. and also fun and functional.

i promise i'll share more details about it once i actually figure them all out. until then, here's what we plan on eating this week:

Monday: baked fish with roasted potatoes.
Tuesday: chicken and veggie quesadillas.
Wednesday: crock pot chicken enchilada soup. (recipe)
Thursday: grilled chicken penne pesto pasta.
Friday: pasta with meat sauce.
Saturday: taco salad.
Sunday: frozen raviolis in jar sauce.

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