Tuesday, February 19, 2013

non-resolutions i have done.

finish reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy & watch the movies with the hubs. i kind of sort of really lost myself in this series. if you have never read these books, GO READ THEM RIGHT NOW. they are fantastic. the movies? eh. they followed the storyline pretty closely, but they also left out a lot of my favorite parts, and the ending was a little disappointing. also: where exactly in the books did i miss that whole Aragorn/Arwen epic love story that was such a major plot point in the movies? i felt a little cheated because i read all four of those books and still managed to be confused and clueless during those parts of the movies. overall, i'm really glad i made this a priority.

go skiing. did it. rocked it. would go again sometime this winter if i could find time and friends to go with at the same time.

clean out my closet. quick story: last weekend, i had a spur of the moment girls day out with my friend Nadine who i am SO glad lives in Maryland. we checked out a little furniture rehab/antique store, shopped the clearance racks at the mall, and went out for dinner somewhere new. it was a fantastic way to spend a day, and we both came away with some really good deals, housewares, (you should see her new dresser!) and new clothes.

the problem with me buying new clothes is that i didnt really have anywhere to put them. i had run out of room in my drawers and hangers in my closet, and my wardrobe was already overflowing into a second closet in the guest room. so i decided that before i could put away any of my new buys, i would have to clean out what i already had to make room for it. so thats what i did. i went through my closet and got rid of anything that no longer fit or that i no longer wore. and then i did the same thing to my dresser. and my second closet. i even went through my "extensive" (according to my husband) collection of shoes.

my side of the closet post-purge. 

there is no 'before' picture, and its even kind of hard to believe that this is an 'after' picture since it isnt super amazingly organized, but do you see all those empty hangers on the right side between my blue hoodie and the blue bag? those are all the hangers that i managed to empty. my drawers look a little more organized and close a little easier. and my second closet looks virtually the same. but believe it or not i managed to glean two trash bags full of clothes out of my wardrobe that are ready to donate. (thats not even counting the stuff that wasnt good enough to donate) that bag in the middle? shoes.

mark still thinks i have too many shoes. and clothes. and of course, now that i put my new clothes away my closet is just as packed as ever. but its packed with good stuff that i like, so i see that as a blessing. i am tempted to add 'reorganize the closets' as a followup nonresolution, but i dont want to get ahead of myself. for now, lets just cross it off the list!

three down, twenty-three to go.

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