Wednesday, March 6, 2013

framed. updated. again.

when i cleaned out under the craft desk over the weekend, i realized just how many unused picture frames i have: enough to fill an entire crate and then some. and as i walked around the house later, i began to realize just how many empty walls i have.

so i put one and one together and did something about it. now i didnt do anything crazy exciting like a big gallery wall in the hallway or anything, but i do have one less frame lying around and one less empty wall in my house.

(L to R: Niagra Falls, a flower in our backyard, ferris wheel at the
local carnival, my toes at the beach, statue in Sedona)

mark's mom got us this frame for our first anniversary, which was over a year ago, which borders on being a completely unacceptable amount of time to take to do something this simple. since i'm not 100% sold on the breakfast nook being its forever home, i just hung it with two command hooks to avoid putting holes in the walls. and then i filled it with some pictures that i had in a box. they are random and unrelated, but they just make me happy.

one frame down, one whole box left to go. good thing there are plenty of walls in this house.

three days after i hung this frame, one of the command hooks decided it was having none of it, detached itself from the wall, and sent the frame tumbling to the ground. it has yet to be re-hung. it was so nice while it lasted. at least i'll always have that nice floor dent to remind me of the happier times we shared...

i re-hung this frame about a week later using command velcro instead of hooks. fingers crossed that it continues to keep the frame up on the wall. so far, so good.

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