Monday, March 11, 2013

meal plan monday: march 11.

well. i guess i should know by now that super-fantastic weekends...



... most often make for less than stellar mondays. but i am totally ok with that. this weekend was SO worth being just slightly behind this morning and scrambling to assemble a plan and a grocery list for this week. more than worth it, actually. (i promise i have MUCH more to say about birthday weekend, but that will have to wait a day or so) but since these monday posts are supposed to be all about the food-stuffs, here goes nothin':

Monday: grilled chicken penne pesto pasta.
Tuesday: fish, rice, and veggies.
Wednesday: crock pot chicken tacos. (recipe-ish)
Thursday: soup from a can.
Friday: veggie omelettes.
Saturday: turkey burgers. (recipe)
Sunday: breakfast for lunch, grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner.

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