Monday, March 25, 2013

meal plan monday: march 25.

on the sixth day of Spring, Mother Nature gave to me:

   - three inches of snow and more to come
   - one outfit change after cleaning off my car
   - two states full of incompetent drivers
   - 30 extra minutes added to my commute
   - all sorts of people who think headlights are optional
   - and a chance i'll get snowed in in Delaware.

today, all i want to eat is hot soup and leftover birthday cake. actually, i'm pretty sure i could survive on that all week. and since chances of me making it to the grocery store after work today get slimmer and slimmer with every snowflake that CONTINUES TO FALL TODAY, that might just be a pretty real possibility. but just in case i do make it to the store, i should probably have a plan, so here it is:

Monday: Meg's fish packets with veggies and rice. (recipe)
Tuesday: soup from a can.
Wednesday: crock pot chili. (recipe)
Thursday: boboli.
Friday: taco night.
Saturday: grilled chicken on spinach salad.
Sunday: Easter lunch with the inlaws.

PS dear Mother Nature - if it is still snowing on Easter, you and I are going to have to have ourselves a little talk...



Meg said...

Loved your birthday weekend post!!! :) I struggle with the same thing, often. It's sad that I have to remind myself to have fun sometimes.

But I'm posting on this because I'm so glad you like my fish packets!! They're so easy. I think I need to make them again soon...

Amanda said...

thanks Meg! i actually debated between actually making the fish on monday or just having boxed mac n cheese - i'm glad i went with the fish! less mess, less effort, and more delicious :)