Thursday, June 27, 2013

he's famous.

text i got at work last week from the hubs:

"I just ate a 1 pound burger.
I didn't know they put your picture on the wall :)"

yup. he ate an entire pound of beef, all the fixin's, AND a milkshake for lunch that day, just because his boss said "hey lets go out for lunch today." i'm so proud. all he got was a picture of him with a giant stuffed cheeseburger hung up on the wall, but now he keeps reminding me of how "famous" he is. so even though he's not one for resolutions of any sort, i have a feeling that if he were to start now, his non-resolution list for this year would look something like this:

1. get picture hung on burger joint wall (be famous).
2. get picture on 'repeat offender' section of the wall.

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