Sunday, February 22, 2009

this makes sense to you.

if you are looking to learn how to toss pizza dough, check out Tony Gemignani on youtube. he gives pretty good instructions, and is so certain of his teaching that he evn goes so far as to assure you that "this makes sense to you." what does he think he is some kind of jedi waving his hand around like that? i'm a college student who's approaching midterms. mind tricks dont work on me.
good thing i didnt try to toss the dough. it would have ended up on the floor.


Abi said...

Mark seems pretty adept. Way to go... either that or he is weak minded and Jedi tricks work on him... either way, good for you young jedi.

Miss Brenda said...

Do you have to remove the battery from your smoke detector when you cook? You make me proud.