Monday, May 23, 2011

kickin' it old world.

this weekend, we had the pleasure to celebrate the wedding of one of Mark's many college roommates. it was a renaissance-themed event, with bits of Scottish and other Celtic inspiration thrown in for good measure. Mark and I had decided way back when we got the invitation to try our best to dress to fit the theme. I ended up wearing a flowy dress with gladiator-style-looking sandals, and Mark probably could have passed for either a medieval peasant or a pirate. he was more theme-appropriately dressed than his other roommates who came wearing ties. (but only after they were told that making their own suits of armor and coming as tin-foil knights would probably not be a good plan) how do you think we did?

the ceremony was performed by the bride's father, also known for the day as Friar Tuck, in a small clearing surrounded by woods. the guests witnessed the nuptuals while seated on straw bales draped with swags of plaid fabric.

the bride was stunning in a floor-length, long-sleeved, cream satin gown with a plaid sash that matched the groom's kilt. they each wrote and read their own vows, which were full of truth and love and wisdom and made me go 'aaawwww'.

(this is, unfortunately, the best picture i have of the happy couple)

we sat for appetizers and dinner at long tables decked out with wooden plates and forks, mason jar mugs, and centerpieces of old books, colored glass jars, and wildflowers.

dinner was phenomenal. i mean really, when the menu includes everything from meat pies to giant turkey legs and even a dish called compost (for serious - it's at the very top of  my plate), how could it not be?

(i opted for the smaller portioned chicken leg)

it was all delicious and we ate until we were stuffed.

and then there was cake. pear spice cake to be exact. mmmm....delicious. and isnt it gorgeous too? just perfect for the day. oh and did i mention that they cut it with a SWORD?! just awesome.

we ended the celebration by learning a few Celtic line dances. we were not so good at the jig-step, but we made a pretty good attempt at it, even if to an outsider it might have looked a lot like random jumping and flailing. we laughed and danced until the generator ran out of gas (twice!) and we subsequently ran out of power for the stereo system.

all in all, the day was a lot of fun. we came away from it sweaty, sunburned, and bug-bitten, but also happy, laughing, smiling, and excited for the amazing things that God has planned for these newlyweds. i just love a good wedding!

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Miss Brenda said...

Clearly, that was a good wedding. And jolly good of you to go with the theme.