Wednesday, June 1, 2011

weekend report: a half a week later.

i feel like i say this at the beginning of every month, but oh my word did anyone else feel like May just snuck by and with no warning at all BAM! its over. on to June.

but wait! not yet! i still have stuff to talk about that happened last month! i'm sure youre all dying to know how we spent our Memorial day weekend. probably hoping for pictures of some big project on the house, or an update on the state of our flower beds, or some other such thing as that like you probably spent your extra-long weekend doing. but that would be logical and sensible and responsible, so instead we closed out our month of May with another weekend trip! (i dont think we spent a full weekend at home all month) this time we headed to Northwestern PA to visit my sister-without-the-babies and her husband. 

we made no plans. there was nothing set in stone that we wanted to do or had to do. and we've seen cows before, so that wasnt even really a novelty. the only thing we aimed to accomplish was to chill out, relax, and recharge. and it was the perfect kind of a weekend for doing just that.

on saturday we yardsaled all morning. we didnt really bother to map out a route, just drove around looking for yardsale signs. this was Mark's very first experience with yardsale-ing. he found a softball glove and a bag of softballs at the second sale of the day and was more than content for the rest of the trip. he might also have been thrilled, elated, and a little bit giddy. other good finds included some air-bake cookie sheets, picture frames, a trailer hitch, a basket, a couple bottles, and this green glass trifle dish.

this is the only picture i took all weekend, and i took it with my phone.

saturday evening we drove to F-town to visit my BFITW for dinner and dancing. except for the dancing part turned into a drive-in movie instead. which was all good except for that we were dressed in short and tank tops for dancing, instead of sweatshirts with blankets for the drive-in. but dont worry, we did have snacks AND a badminton set for keeping ourselves entertained until it got dark. because if i've learned anything from the boyscouts, its that you should always be prepared.

sunday was a lazy day of church, lunch, laying out, going for a walk, and ice cream, all wrapped up with hotdogs and a guitar around the fire. the boys got up and went fishing on monday morning, but didnt catch anything worth mentioning. and then, unfortunately, the weekend and our mini-vacation was over.

only 58 days til family vacation. i cant wait!


Miss Brenda said...

I think I shall find a trifle recipe to take to Wmsbrg. Meet you there. (Bring the dish.)

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