Thursday, October 13, 2011

simple pleasures.

this morning, at my house, it is dark and foggy and rainy. and what i am really in need of is a good reason to smile and be happy. on the radio station that i listen to for the first half of my commute, Thursdays are the day they share their 'simple pleasures' that they are enjoying that week. things like re-discovering an old TV show, or actually enjoying a movie in the theater. those things sounded nice, so i decided to come up with a few of my own. let me show you them.

1. hats for everyone at tea time.

2. nephews who know how to share. even with those who are a little piggish sometimes.

3. access to a fantastic dress-up box.

4. the fact that the hubs is letting me post these pictures on the internet.

anyone else out there finding joy in the simple things lately?
please to be sharing!


Abi said...

The real question is "DOES he know you are posting these on the internet?"

AmiDawn said...

yeah, i told him this morning that i was going to be posting embarrasing pictures of him on the internet today. he looked mildly concerned before i specified that they were of him dressed up for a tea party, at which point he just said ok. i dont really know why he was no longer concerned... its not like i have any other pictures of him that are more embarrasing than that rabbit one...