Monday, October 31, 2011

some things i never shared. oh, and halloween.

i think my last post might have been #400 for me, which would kindasorta be a milestone number, but i'm not completely sure. i mean yeah, blogger thoughtfully keeps a running count of how many posts i have written, which is nice, but it also counts in there all the posts that i have hanging around in 'draft' form, which throws off my total post count.

so in an effort to clean up my blog and get a better handle on my real post-count, i present to you:

Cleaning Out My Drafts Folder
2011 Edition.
*note* this bunch of posts was what was left after i went through and deleted any drafts that i eventually posted as a separate post, or any that were just a title with nothing actually written in them, of which there were more than i realized.

Jan. 19, 2009. amazing grace
how sweet the sound...
i was thinkin the other day about all my fave worship songs, and i was struck by the fact that nearly all of them focus on my God's absolutely amazing grace and mercy.

Oct. 7, 2009. my momma told me there'd be days like these.
i woke up in the middle of the night after having a horrifying dream about a giant spider and a dog the size of a horse (the dog was one of 101 and he was the most giant dalmation you could ever imagine) so i was a little on the tired side when i woke up. and then i yawned and discovered a horrible pain in my left ear. no idea where it came from or why its there, but it chooses to remind me of its prescence everytime i yawn, cough, or hiccup (which everyone knows is fairly often)

July 14, 2010. running very low.
You are running very low on virtual memory.

so there you have it. everything i've been holding out on you for the past two years. exciting stuff. please try to contain your excitement.

and now i can say with certainty that this is now my 402nd post, which means that my applesauce post was actually #400. at least it was a good one. maybe i'll do something special for #500. or maybe i'll just completely forget again by then.

on a completely unrelated note, i hope you all have a Happy Halloween! we will be celebrating by leaving a bowl of already-picked-over-by-us-candy on our undecorated front porch and painting things this evening that we didn't quite get around to this weekend.
we're all about the holiday cheer up in here.


Abi said...

really? you aren't even going to let them ring your bell? you realize this makes you 'that house' in your neighborhood.

AmiDawn said...

they got to ring our doorbell last year... i even dressed up in costume to hand out candy. but this year i'm not feeling all that into halloween and i'd rather paint something. they're lucky they're getting candy at all this year.