Sunday, October 9, 2011

functionally complete.

Our Final Fireplace Room To-Do List:
- fill all the nail holes with wood filler and sand smooth.
- put a thin layer of touch up paint over the nail holes and fingerprints.
- clean a few paint splatters off the brick.
- clean, paint, and re-install the air return vent covers.
     we actually bought new ones
- put up all the light switch and outlet covers.
- re-hang the light fixture in the nook.
- figure out what to do about window treatments.

and so, without further ado, it is my great honor and esteemed privilege to proclaim our fireplace room (finally!) FUNCTIONALLY COMPLETE!!! 

just as a reminder, here is a picture of the two-toned look this room was sporting from WAY back when, before any of this madness got underway:

and here is the room as she stands this very moment:

NOTE: the china cabinet is not going to live there forever, it just moved there temporarily to be out of the way in the front room.

A Comprehensive List of Things We Did: 
- replaced the 1/8" wood paneling with 1/4" drywall.
- covered the textured ceiling with 3/8" drywall.
- spackled holes and fixed some nail pops in the walls.
- primed and painted all the walls and trim.
- painted the fireplace doors.
- fixed the doorways to accommodate the drywall wall.
- put bigger crown molding around the fireplace.
- replaced all the switches, outlets, and all their covers.

and even though we're still curtain-less in there, Mark moved all the furniture from the rest of the house back into the fireplace room, serving the double purpose of making it look oh so cozy in there and also being the first step in prepping for paint in the front room and dining room.

no rest for the weary here folks, we plan on having the whole upstairs functionally complete by the end of the year... fingers crossed guys, (and your toes too if you can manage it) it's probably gonna be close, but we'll definately keep you posted.

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