Friday, November 11, 2011

going on 40: surprisingly thankful.

i did not want to wake up today. my bed was warm, my pillow deep, and i could have just stayed snuggled in my bed all day. so when i finally forced myself to get out of bed i was running late, hated my outfit, was scared by a spider, i fought with my hair, was upset with the hubs for no real reason, decided i hated every single wall color i picked for the house, and i was pretty well convinced that my whole day was going to be terrible, horrible, no-good, and very bad.

but instead of having to move to Australia, my day turned around. and i ended up finding plenty of things to be thankful for:

31. pillows.
32. hugs.
33. hot chocolate.
34. pumpkin muffins.
35. getting to work on time.
36. bohemian rhapsody.
37. veterans.
38. pumpkin muffins.
39. mini blueberry muffins.
40. spoons.


Samantha said...

I don't think this counts because you put pumpkin muffins down twice.

AmiDawn said...

dang! i was moving them all around in the list and i guess i missed that one... sigh. i'll add an extra thing to the next list to make up for it :)