Tuesday, November 1, 2011

thankful in 2011.

Happy November! you know what that means? yup, its the return of the come-up-with-a-list-of-100-things-you're-thankful-for-in-November challenge! my mom started doing this way back in 2006, and my two sisters and i have each been making our own lists for the past two years. it's a pretty simple concept: you just make a list (in no particular order) of things that you are thankful for, to help you prepare for Thanksgiving and also to just keep yourself looking for things to be thankful for in all sorts of situations.

so here goes:

1. free evenings. for Halloween, we just set out a bowl of candy, and i used the free time it provided me to prime the credenza. we had some tinted primer left over from when i painted the tv stand, which is why it is brown. 

2. clean(ish) painting projects. i was pretty impressed with how un-painted i stayed during the priming-the-not-a-credenza process. usually i wind up absolutely covered in paint, but this time i made it until the second to last leg before i dipped my hair directly into the paint can and then immediately painted the majority of my left hand. oh well, we can't all be perfect all the time i guess.

3. the hubs. even though he came home from work yesterday feeling sick, he carried some heavy things for me and helped with the laundry. he also laughed with me and told me i was special when i painted my hair.

4. strobe lights. i used the two strobe lights that my friend bought for me for the rave party as last minute decorations for our Halloweenie front porch. they pretty much made it look like i actually tried a little bit.

5. corn mazes. not to mention having good friends to navigate them with.

6. IT guys. they're probably sick of dealing with me, as we're still trying to get me and my computer completely transferred to the MD office. but i'm glad i'm not trying to figure it out by myself!

7. sweater-weather. although they turned the heat on in the office today, making sweaters almost unbearable.

8. meeting new people at lunchtime. because its nice to get away from my computer for a little bit each day.

9. jobs. yeah, i'll whine sometimes about having to spend all my best hours of the day at work instead of doing more-fun things, but the truth is that i am so thankful that the hubs and i both have good jobs that we enjoy.

10. anticipation. i am so so so so looking forward to our Thanksgiving trip in 21 days!!!!

what are you thankful for this year?

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Abi said...

will you be annotating the entire list? (overachiever)