Tuesday, November 22, 2011

self-explanatory thanks.

i know it's bad internet manners to announce when you're going to be away from home, but i am literally shaking with excitement in my desk chair and cannot not share that I GET TO SEE MY MOM AND DAD AND BROTHER TODAY!!!!  so today, i am thankful for travel and vacation related things such as:

71. paid holidays.
72. vacation time.
73. half-days.
74. airplanes.
75. a new book series to read on the plane.

and just an aside to all you people out there who might be thinking of "visiting" our house while we're gone, just know that our house is already half empty, and what is in it isnt worth much, AND we have a cop-neighbor who we're on good terms with... so don't waste your time on our place, or you might end up in jail over what would have been a complete bust anyway. no seriously, i'm really looking out for your best interests here.  

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