Monday, November 14, 2011

still (re)counting.

40. (again) cousins who read my blog and keep me accountable for my thankful count.
41. sunshine.
42. weekends.
43. that i figured out after only one coat that i picked the wrong color paint for the hallway. (the hubs wishes i would have just picked the right color in the first place)
44. i have never been followed/chased by paparazzi.
45. birthdays.
46. crockpots.
47. band-aids.
48. the Seattle Seahawks.
49. coffee.
50. the opportunity (and means) to go to Europe in the spring! eeeekkk!!!


Miss Brenda said...

Europe?!? I believe I talked to you today and your biggest news involved a stinkbug and your vacuum cleaner.

AmiDawn said...

at that very moment, the nasty stinkbug who was attacking me and trying to eat my dinner was of utmost importance.