Wednesday, November 16, 2011

title of the post.

as these lists go on, i feel like they're getting more cryptic, and less informative about whats going on in my actual day to day life. and i think i'm ok with that. and honestly, you should be too. because if it werent for these lists then you would be subjected to literally endless posts about how we are STILL painting and we are STILL only about half-done, because we STILL dont enjoy painting trim so we are STILL putting it off. and if we're being honest with ourselves, we all know that we don't need a play by play style documentation of something that boring and stretched out.

so in the interest of keeping all my millions dozens of lovely readers around for a while longer, here have a thankful list instead of a real update.

51. vaccuum cleaners.
52. love.
53. a blanket of crunchy leaves on the ground.
54. recognizing irony and just going with it.
55. my parents.
56. friends with sewing machines.
57. sisters. and having two of them.
58. leftovers.
59. showers.
60. that i found my passport. too bad its still in my maiden name.

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