Tuesday, December 13, 2011

curtains are overrated.

internets, i have a confession to make. we still do not have curtains on 60% of the windows in our house. all the curtain rods are bought and hung on the walls, and we have the fabric that will one day turn into the most fabulous curtains you have ever seen for the fireplace room, front room, and dining room. i promise, there will be curtains and there will be pictures, just as soon as my busy schedule manages to line up with the even busier schedule of my most wonderful friend who has a sewing machine and who also offered to help me make my curtains. and that's obviously not going to happen until after the holidays.

but until then, i am refusing to let our curtain-less windows get me down. in fact, i am using them to my advantage as i decorate for Christmas. because could there be an easier way to hang 48 Christmas balls in your front window than with fishing line and a curtain-less curtain rod? i highly doubt it. 

i found these gems being sold all together in one big box at Target. they're the perfect mix of colors, shiny, and sparkle, which means they immediately and a little bit impulsively jumped straight into my cart. and they're mostly unbreakable too, which is handy for a klutz like me who managed to send several of them flying across the room after accidentally 'trimming' the wrong invisible string. they actually have a pretty nice bounce to them, as long as you don't drop them on their heads.

i'm in love. i mean really. who needs curtains when you could have this little bit of lovely in your life instead?

* i got this idea from pinterest, the great internet timesuck where productivity goes to die.


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This looks lovely! I love the burst of color the ornaments bring!