Thursday, December 1, 2011

no elk here.

over Thanksgiving vacation, the hubs went hunting.*

rereading that sentence, i am struck by the feeling that this sort of thing probably isnt newsworthy in much of the country, and definitely should not be for a girl who grew up having the first day of hunting season as a day off of school. and yet, there it is. big news in my little family.

but this wasn't just any hunting trip - this was Mark's first time ever hunting, and he wasn't just hunting deer - he was hunting ELK. go big or go home, amirite? he borrowed all the appropriate hunting clothes from my brother and a guy from my parents church, and spent two days in the wilderness with my dad and a couple other guys. i sent him with my prayers that he would come back in one piece and not full of holes, and also with my camera. because elk hunting seemed to be a little more photo-worthy than what i was doing for those two days, which was mostly laying on the couch, reading books, and watching my brother play zelda while we each ate our own box of cheezits.

but you should just know - this is what you get when you trust the photo-documentation to someone else:

a picture of the butts of the guys you trusted with your hubs' life:

a picture of the hubs with the butts of the guys you trusted with your hubs' life in the background:

and a picture of... a deer. because it felt wrong to come home without any pictures of wildlife, and the HUNDREDS of elk that they saw were apparently too far away to get a picture of.

too far away to shoot a camera at, but not too far away to shoot a gun at. men and their priorities. i just don't get it.

*ok, so technically he wasn't the one hunting, because he didn't have a tag. but he did get to carry a gun, just in case he happened to be attacked by a bear. not even kidding. big game hunting is dangerous y'all!

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Abi said...

My city daughter wants to know if the deer pictured has a name? :) your non-hunting hubs is in good company here.