Wednesday, December 28, 2011

maybe i'll get the camera for my birthday.

so i guess right about now would be the logical time to post something about our Christmas. except that it doesn't quite feel like Christmas is over yet at our house. our tree and all our decorations are still up, the Christmas music is still on the radio, and there is still a fairly substantial stack of presents for Harold to look after. don't get me wrong - we've done a lot of Christmassing over here, but we're really only about 66% of the way done with Christmas.

and i love Christmas, so that is quite alright with me. but if it's quite alright with you, i'll go ahead and share a little bit of our Christmas so far.

we started celebrating on Christmas Eve, when we invited Mark's family over to our house after church to eat some food and to just hang out for a little bit. we need to start inviting people over more often, because it was really a good time. although i didnt actually take any pictures of them being here, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

after they left, Mark and I opened our first present of the year, which was (of course) our ornaments!  i had almost forgot that we bought these guys on vacation in Williamsburg over the summer. i'm glad i found them before i stressed myself out about trying to find ornaments the week before Christmas!

on Christmas morning, Mark and I opened our stockings, ate breakfast, and exchanged presents. and just like last year, i didn't take any pictures of us, or of our presents. i guess i was too busy playing with my new iPad to bother with my camera.

but since i didn't want this Christmas to go by completely undocumented, i made sure i took some pictures of people and presents later in the day at his parents house. i think i got at least one picture of everyone who was there. (except for me and Mark) they are all rather unflattering, but hey, they're better than nothing, right?

and since i do like my in-laws and i feel a little bit bad about posting these pictures of them on the internet, i will also share the one picture that i have on my camera of me and the hubs, taken the day after Christmas at his aunt's house.

i didn't even try to get a better picture of the two of us. i also didn't get any pictures of his grandparents, or his aunt's family. and yes, there are MUCH better pictures of everyone who was at each of these parties, but they are not on my camera.

maybe my new years resolution should be to improve my photo documentation skillz before next Christmas. and i can get a head start with the two more Christmas celebrations we still have to go this year!

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Miss Brenda said...

Party on, love. I am leaving my tree up just in case any more presents show up. In fact, one arrived in the mail today.