Friday, December 9, 2011

never stop improving.

yeah, i stole that from Lowes. this post has nothing at all to do with Lowes.

but it does have something to do with home improvement.

wanna see what we've been up to? what we've been so busy doing that we havent quite yet fully gotten into Christmas and why we're on the brink of being hopelessly behind on Christmas and considering just giving up and buying all of our presents this year at Home Depot?

painting. thats what.

the front room is done! the plastic is up off the floor! we no longer have to re-live the scenario of Trip-Shriek-Hubs Comes Running-Hubs Collapses With Laughter at the fact that the plastic tripped me AGAIN! we moved the monstrosity of a china cabinet back into the room to make room for a tree in the fireplace room! we discovered that the outlet by the monstrosity is controlled  by the switch by the door that we thought did nothing!

the hallway is done! i only changed my mind about the paint color once! there are still no doors on the closet or the basement stairs! i'm not really sure why i'm using so! many! exclamation! points!!!!1! but they make this all more exciting!

the dining room is mostly done. i still have a little bit of detail-painting to do in there under the chair rail, so it is still sporting its platic-covered floors and painters tape. i'll hopefully get to that soon.

but wait, thats not all! we also moved straight from painting and started hanging curtain rods! because you know, eventually we're really going to have curtains to hang, and they are going to be FANTASTIC!

we had one minor snafu with one of the special heavy-duty wall anchors pulling right out of the wall that it was supposed to be anchored into, but other than that nice fresh hole in the wall, the process has gone fairly smoothly. this is the first one we hung. whaddaya think? beautiful, right?

we didn't quite make our goal of having the entire upstairs finished this year, (and by finished i mostly mean painted) we still have to do the kitchen and the bathroom, but we came pretty close and i'm pretty happy with where we are. and we still have a few weeks to try and tackle the few things still on our list of

- hang the rest of the curtain rods.
       (one came out of the box corroded :( so we have to return it )
- replace the outlets and light switches.
- finish the not-a-credenza. (i'm so close!)
- paint the stripes in the dining room.
- paint and re-hang the basement and two closet doors.

think we can make it and still survive Christmas? fingers crossed...

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Miss Brenda said...

Oh, I thought I was going to get a look at the not a credenza. My project here is still in pieces and no Christmas decorating done here. We have time.