Thursday, December 15, 2011

virtual christmas card.

just like last year, i got our christmas cards this year from Shutterfly.

unlike last year, we did not really have a reason this year to have anyone take nice, professional quality pictures of us to put on our cards. in fact, since i was most often the one behind the camera, pictures of both of us together were few and far between this year. and as far as finding one good enough to use, it didnt really help that the ones we did have mostly looked like this:


attractive, no? don't get me wrong - i love each and every one of those pictures. because this is pretty much exactly what our year looked like. and that last one was actually a pretty serious contender to be the one defining picture of our year.

but instead of trying to find just one picture that made us look mostly decent to send out to our friends and family, we ended up with a few pictures that made us look just kind of ok, especially since having more of them meant that they could each be smaller!

also, instead of writing out a christmas letter this year, we found a card that let us just share the highlights of our year in list form. and more words on the card meant even smaller pictures. winning!

so just in case you didn't make the short list* of people who got one of these in the mail, allow me to introduce you to this year's Christmas card! 

*and that does not mean i dont love you but more likely that i might have lost your address and was too lazy to hunt for it so if you want to get on the mailing list for next year you should probably send that to me so i have plenty of time to either add it to my address list or more likely to forget to do that and wind up losing it again at some point over the next 12 months. wow. its kind of amazing that i ever accomplish anything.

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Katie said...

I'm in MD too so I can sympathize with surviving the earthquake and hurricane in the same week. And having been married for almost 8 years now I can honestly say congrats on surviving your first year of that too! ;)