Monday, February 6, 2012

meal plan monday: epic fail.

i'm starting to think that maybe i should switch up this whole meal-planning thing a little bit. because here it is, Monday afternoon, almost dinner time really, and all i have planned for this week is the leftover meals that we didnt make last week because we ate out all weekend. i'm thinking i have a few options as to where to go from here. 1. i give up on this whole meal planning thing. it requires way too much foresight and thinking and planning. 2. meal plan monday moves to tuesday (or any other day) so that i can use monday evenings to plan meals. 3. just buck up and stop being so lazy on the weekends and actually make a meal plan for the week before Monday morning rolls along.

i've got nothin this week. wait, is there anything less than nothing?

To Eat:
Monday: quesadillas. corn?
Tuesday: lasagna. salad.
Wednesday - Sunday: open to suggestions. really easy suggestions.

To Do:
use my new scissors to start cutting up tshirts for quilting.

it could be worse. right?


Abi said...

To help with variety and to make planning easier I try to fit the meals into categories like:

Ethnic (Mexican, Chinese, Thai...)-

There are so many different categories to choose from depending on what you like to eat. Once I decide what type of food we'll eat on what night I can go back and fill in the actual dish. It's helped me on weeks when I'm just not feeling the planning. :)

Abi said...

P.S. We are officially in ink for the 3rd! :) Get cutting.