Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap day.

happy Leap Day!

i feel compelled to post something here today. you know, since Leap Day only comes around once every four years i should probably take a minute to at least recognize its existence this year, yes?

i was planning on telling you all a little about the myriad of projects that i have gotten myself into lately and a bit about what all sorts of things are happening around our house, but i forgot to take pictures of most of them, and just telling you about how amazing my new entryway bench looks or trying to describe my newest crafty art-type thing just wouldn't do them justice. maybe i'll get it together by tomorrow.

so instead of telling you all anything NEW, i'm just going to link back to what i was thinking last leap day. surprisingly, for as much as has changed over the past four years, where i was then is a lot the same as where i am on this leap day: looking forward to spring and birthdays and easter, and getting ready to leave the country in the near future. kind of cool, kind of freaky. life is funny like that i guess.

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