Monday, February 27, 2012

meal plan monday: feb 27.

this week is going to be an experiment. a fun one. a kind of crazy one. a hopefully very good one.

in an effort to get ourselves more motivated to be more active and more healthy, Mark and I are getting serious about eating better. he wants to get back into weight lifting and bulk up. i want to focus on toning and lose a few of the sneaky pounds i managed to gain over the winter that i just discovered this weekend. (seriously, i thought i was 10 pounds lighter than i am!)

Mark is the brains behind this operation, since he is the one that has actually done all sorts of research into health and nutrition and fitness, and because he can bench-press me when he's OUT of shape and he once went an entire year without eating a single piece of candy. this is serious bid-ness you guys. i might be way out of my league. my part in all of this is to ensure that what we're eating still tastes good.

the plan (as i understand it) will be to eat bigger breakfasts, healthy snacks, and smaller dinners. more fish and eggs, and TONS more veggies. desserts and sweets on special occasions. less carbs in the evening, which means no more pasta for dinner all the time. add on a more-regular exercise plan and there you have it: my best understanding of what it takes to be uber-healthy.

this week is going to act as kind of a trial run to see if we can logistically pull this off and still function as normal human beings who have painting and other projects to finish around the house, a garden to start and maintain, and friendships and family and our own relationship to keep up with. we're in this together. it should be fun.

Monday: tilapia filets with rice and salad.
Tuesday: grilled chicken salad.
Wednesday: vietnam chicken fried rice.
Thursday: chicken-pesto boboli, salad.
Friday: quesadillas with salsa, rice, and avocado.
Saturday: it is useless to try and plan this.
Sunday: we just make it up on the weekends.

are you eating anything interesting this week? trying anything new? do you know of any way to eat more veggies than just eating a lot of salad? cuz apparently i don't.

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Abi said...

try stir-fry... you pick the veg. and protein... quick and simple way to use up the extra rice from other meals as well. :)