Thursday, March 29, 2012

i slowed down.

he wasn't supposed to be there.

he had never been there before.

but there he was. just standing on the side of the road.

people passing in their cars slowed to get a good look at him - the stranger, the new guy, the anomaly. there weren't often any of his kind seen around this neighborhood. the bright colors that adorned his head, contrasted against his plain brown coat and the backdrop of long green grasses, stood out starkly in the early morning sun shining around him like gold. he was stunning.

i was one of those people who slowed down. in fact, i even turned around because i was so amazed at the sight of him, i just needed a second look. and hopefully a chance to snap a quick picture. my fingers fumbled blindly in my purse as i hastily navigated a three point turn in the nearest driveway, searching for the distinct texture of my camera case, my eyes never daring to dart away from the stranger.

he walked boldly across the street, seemingly oblivious to the multitude of eyes that were trained on him, the people who's lives he had literally stopped dead in their tracks. and then just for fun, he turned right around and crossed back. all of this transpired right in front of my stopped car, as my fingers failed to grasp the one thing that would guarantee that this surreal series of events, this little bit of change in a normally unchanging morning routine, would be captured and remembered.

the time came when i had to turn around again to point my car back in the direction of work, ending my momentary detour from the regular flow of commuters, slipping back into the same old routine with the ease that comes with going through the same motions daily for months.

as i drove away, my fingers finally locked around my camera. and when i passed his spot again, i searched for him, hoping to get one last look at the stranger who had shaken me out of my well-oiled-machine of a morning routine.

but he had moved on. no longer strutting and posing and allowing himself to be seen. he had gotten his fill of gawkers, and just by being there for those very few minutes, he had made his impact.

he had caused a few people to slow down in the midst of their morning rush, their daily grind, and notice and appreciate something different.

i was one of those people who slowed down.

because he wasn't supposed to be there.

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Miss Brenda said...

I so admire that you actually turned around. I saw a pink elephant on my way to work and fumbled around for my camera and I really thought about circling back, but it would have made me late for work, so I didn't do it. I have regretted that decision ever since.